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Dr. Geoffrey Cox


Dr. Geoffrey A. Cox
Born and raised in Ontario Canada where he lived until he moved out west to Edmonton Alberta. Dr. Cox was living in Edmonton Alberta for 15 years working in and around various veterinary hospitals as a veterinary assistant. After several attempts he was finally admitted to vet school where he was able to pursue his life long dream of becoming a veterinarian. Schooling and work took Dr. Cox all over North America from Iowa, to North Carolina, California and finally back to Southern Alberta where he now works in both the Vulcan Veterinary Hospital and High River Vet Clinic. He is a mixed animal practitioner that works with both large and small animals with a focus on animal health and wellbeing. For large animals he will work the gambit from cattle to sheep and goats and most species in-between. Small animal practice includes basic and emergency surgery, small animal internal medicine and general health and well being of patients. If you have any questions he is more than happy to answer and help your pets and your family feel welcome.

Dr. Yolande Miles


Education bachelor of veterinary science (B.V.Sc.) from the University of Predtoria ( Onderstepoort),
South Africa.
From Whence it came…
Born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, I spent my youth on a dairy farm. In between chores,
time was spent on my collection of rescued horses and raising orphan lambs. Added to this was a motley
crew of dogs and cats that all found second homes with my soft-hearted family. A few pigs, a cockatiel
named Tinkerbell, some sassy gees and “George” the turkey added to a rich and varied childhood.
Despite hard times and drought, my parents always found money for education, believed in hard,
honest labour, kindness to all, and were before their time, into recycling everything!
My inspiration and later encouragement to become a vet came from my family, my childhood animal
friends, our collection of James Herriot stories and a family friend and mentor Dr. Allan Smith. Uncle
Allan, as he was known to me, always had the patience to let me tag along. He was a true gentleman
country practitioner and is now retired.
After graduating in 1994 I went to the UK, to work with mostly small animals, for a little over a year. A
budding romance with a vet named Gordon persuaded me to return to South Africa for a year.
In 1996 Gordon and I accepted jobs in Newfoundland, Canada working for Val and Doug Tweedie at
Gander Vet clinic, with a short locum in St. johns following this. The kindness, humor and hospitality of
the Newfoundlanders inspired us to immigrate to Canada in 1997, just after our wedding.
During the summer of 1998 we drove across Canada to jobs at Langley Animal Clinic and Burnaby- New
West Animal Hospital. We enjoyed the west coast for three years, and I enjoyed living on a dairy farm
again for the first time in many years.
In 2001 we set out searching for a place to open a clinic and potentially buy a farm. Calgary, Alberta.
Answered the call and we opened Due South Animal Hospital in Mackenzie Lake on Valentines Day. Due
south was sold in 2013, Gordon having moved to Pfizer, now Zoetis
To add to our already busy vet lives, in 2003, we bought ¼ section southeast of the city. An extra ¼
section was added over the years and I continue on with a family faming tradition going back over 200
years, albeit over 3 continents. And the farm has become our happy place (and a wonderful way to
absorb our time and money).
Our daughters Sarah and Megan were born in the summer of 2004 and 2006. Sarah is in her second
year of science degree specializing in immunology.?. Megan is in grade 12 and proud Dance tech senior
High River Vet Clinic entered my life as a locum in 2014. The clinic was originally started by Dr. Val
Broadfoot, who working with Joyce Woolridge sold to Dr. Brent Macleod. I had the pleasure and honour
of working for Brent until his retirement in 2021. I hope to continue their legacy a small-town practice
and to work with humility empathy and kindness

Pets we own:
- Raggamuffin- our scruffy terrier mix., whose random anxiety keeps me up to date on behaviour
medicine. (she is still not fixed!)
- Our kitties: Moe, Richard, Lexi (clan 1) and Romeo, Francesca and Asher (clan 2). Our collections
of strays and orphans who occasionally keep up a clan warfare ruled my Lexi and Francesca (the
two red heads)
- Hazel my Clydesdale, Rosie and Joey Eeyore the miniature donkeys are kept at Gordon’s
reluctance but earn their keep as my therapists (a role he chooses not to fulfill).
- Our small forever growing herd of Bonsmara cows. The Bonsmara’s were brought to Canada as
embryos from Gordon’s original herd, which he started with his parents in South Africa 45 years

I will continue to attempt and achieve the perfection in the many facets of our lives. Full time
Veterinarian, part time farmer, full time wife and mum and collector of kitty orphans…
I’ll keep you posted on how it is all going ......
Peace, Love and Hugs

Ashley Gibbs


Ashley was born and raised in High River and has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. Ashley has completed all of her volunteer and practicum hours with the High River Veterinary Clinic, and is now a full time Technologist with us. She has completed 3 courses with Olds College, the Veterinary Receptionist program, Veterinary Assistant program and most recently the Animal Health Technologist program. Ashley has been with our team as a Technologist for 7 years and has a passion for the care and well being of animals which has led her to wanting to become an RVT. She also has a special interest in small animal dentistry

She has a love for all animals big and small. Right now she has a dachshund named Lilly, a sheltie named Noah, two ginger female kitties (which aren’t very common!) Ivy and Radish, and a male ginger kitty named Puff and 2 guinea pigs, Simon and Ridley. She loves to spend all her free time spoiling all her pets and relaxing in her home watching her favorite tv shows.

Stacey Groeneveld


Stacey graduated from the Animal Health Technology Program at Olds College in 2004. After graduating she moved to Strathmore where she worked in a small animal practice for five years. Stacey joined our team in August 2009 and brought with her years of experience in small animal nursing care, laboratory skills and knowledge in animal nutrition. She is an RVT as well as Manager of both the High River and Vulcan Vet Clinics.

She lives with her family in the Blackie area along with their dogs Duke and Daisy, rabbits Cherry, Harriot, Hazel, and horse Jesse. When she is not at the clinics you will find her busy with her presidential duties for the Blackie Community association, completing tasks and organizing events for the Community. Her family is very busy and loves to camp and be with friends and family. Her 3 girls also keep her on her toes, with their busy dance schedules and competitions.

Bonnie Riehs


Bonnie comes from a small town in Northern British Columbia. She spent her childhood working in horse stables, working her way up to training people how to ride, taking overnight trail rides out to participating in gymkhana involving barrel racing and then onto jumping. Her dream as a young girl was to go to Veterinary school, as she loves animals, big and small. Her life took a different turn when she found herself in University taking business management and then completing her Health Care Aide.

She moved to Alberta in the year 2000, putting both degrees to work. Bonnie then found herself settling down to have her own family. She met her husband of High River in the year 2010. Finding herself learning about farmland. Still working with animals on the back of her mind the opportunity presented itself to work with High River Veterinary Clinic, joining the staff in the role of Receptionist in July of 2019.
Bonnie is a mother to three children, Nick, Holt, and Paisley. She is eager to learn what she needs to help our furry four-legged friends.

Stephani Hodgson


Stephani was born in New Zealand and moved to Stavely at a young age. Stephani and her family lived and worked on a feedlot for 8 years before moving to Nanton. Stephani graduated from JT Foster High School in Nanton in 2014 and after high school Stephani attended SAIT for 2 years where she took hospitality management. This lead Stephani into catering with her Mum for 6 years, also running the kitchen at Stavely Auction Market. Unfortunately Covid changed plans and Stephani stepped away from the hospitality industry and joined the vet clinic in 2019. With this she continued helping her family with their own cow/calf and feedlot operation and now studying towards her veterinary technician degree. on her time off Stephani enjoys being on the farm raising her sheep and training her Huntaway dogs, Hollie and Stella.

Kristy Henry


Kristy was born and raised in southern Alberta. She has enjoyed a love for animals all of her life.
She enjoys competing in rodeo events and Skijoring as well as spending time with her many animals on their acreage.
Kristy joined our team in 2023.

Lorna Anderson